About Us

The origins of the Corner Café began in 1967 when Chris Duffey made his first potato chip sandwich. He knew he liked to not only eat sandwiches, but invent and make them. Through a special turn of events, he started working in restaurants. He walked through the snow three miles each way and finished his degree in Business Management at the University of West Georgia.

In 1994, while managing a local restaurant, he began to dream about a restaurant with sandwiches and NO BOUNDARIES. If it could be cooked, then it certainly belonged between bread. While plotting his scheme of opening a new restaurant, he was overheard by fellow employee Michael Bunch. Bunch asked how much it would cost to open the restaurant and Chris told him. A week later, Bunch returned with a checkbook and gave it to Chris. Thus began the partnership. In May of 1994, the Corner Café opened its doors.

In the beginning, there was lots of music, poetry and anything that would get people in the door. Bunch booked the entertainment and made sure that whether it was good or horrible, it was always entertaining. Many local Carrollton celebrities got their start at the Corner. But as they came and enjoyed the entertainment, they also enjoyed the food-fresh baked foccacia, cream cheese, avocado, bacon, pot roast like your mom would make…The atmosphere at the Corner is quirky and laid-back-everyone is welcomed.

Chris and Bunch might have started the Corner Café, but over the years it has evolved into a community collaboration. Recently, the Corner Café was featured on GPTV’s Georgia Traveler. In conclusion, if a sandwich is made for a to-go order and no one picks it up, was the sandwich actually made?

P.S. We are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to all of our customers and employees!!!